As some of you might know, I’ve been playing the “global role-playing strategy” called Pentacore for a couple of years and even writing various tutorials, but retired soon after getting myself in top 5 (was nothing left for me to do there, unfortunately). I know a lot of people who tried Pentacore and disliked it for its complexity, but that’s exactly why I liked it: it is very complicated, and usually the winner is the smartest player who did more careful planning than his enemy. These days I found another similar hobby in Evony. I even named my character there after Pentacore’s character, Tenser, who in turn has been named after Salveblues character, who had his name taken from Greyhawk campaign setting.

I’m comparatively new to the game, so can’t offer any advanced strategies yet. Evony seems to be more PvP-oriented: in Pentacore, for instance, you could create an army and sell it; here you have to create an army, attack someone else and then sell what you’ve plundered. Resources are much more mundane (like food, stone, etc) than energies, and they are independent, not derived from one another—this makes resource management much less intricate than in Pentacore. Armies, on the other hand, are more complicated because higher level soldier types are not always better against lower level ones, you always have to stay flexible. Upgrading and even downgrading buildings take a lot of time, so one needs to plan carefully what does (s)he want in the city beforehand.

The ways to be more effective are learnt with time and experience and a lot of thinking/planning. Say, I put my tax to 100%. In a big healthy city that will give me ~50k gold per hour and I will have to comfort people regularly to avoid population decrease: that is 80k food 4 times an hour, you can buy this for ~25k. On the other hand, if I have a city dedicated to making lumber, I get ~600k lumber per hour (no items) from it, which can be sold for 250k gold in a rainy day. Once you figure it out, you know taxes should be kept at minimum.

Achieving a similar level of G-happiness (look for Monsters’ Den: Book of Dread if you prefer dungeon crawling to strategies) in tabletop games is very difficult, since the amount of back-end calculations does not make anyone happy. I yet have to see a decent example of a successful endeavour at that.


4 Responses to Evony

  1. Tommi says:

    Isn’t Evony the game with awfully sleazy marketing campaign? Ads showing not-quite-naked women, less and less related to the game itself, and serving them in such a way as to make it hard to avoid them if using the relevant Google service, at least.

    • Radaghast says:

      Yes, the boobs on the banners have absolutely nothing to do with the actual gameplay whatsoever. Don’t know which Google service you’re talking about, I think I’ve seen them on DailyBurn

      • Tommi says:

        Okay. The ads did manage to completely kill my interest in the game, to the extent that I would not play it even if it was good (which it might be).

  2. […] and in Russian RPG blogosphere, as well as by the question I just got (for the hundredth time) in Evony: “do you want to spend 5000 gold to heal these 1000 soldiers?”, I feel compelled to write […]

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