About me

I am a role-player since 1999. Been to AD&D2, AD&D PO, D&D3, D&D 3.5, d20, Fuzion, Exalted, The Shadow of Yesterday, Unknown Armies and some smaller systems, done DIY-RPG, PbPost, PbEMail, PbSkype, some PbIM. Somewhat interested in indie game design, read a couple of hundreds PDFs with them and about them, ran a couple of design contests (and founded an RPG Awards website to support them), started some projects myself (ranged from a systematic house rules repository to a crazy card-based story game), but never seem to finish anyth… hey look, a birdie!

The most exciting stuff about the games being set in the present or the future makes me yawn like a hippo. Mention any sort of fantasy, fairy tale or anime-styled fighting — and I’m listening.

This account will be used as a storehouse for some ideas about games, game design, role playing and similar issues. Any time, if I have no better place for an idea, I’ll put one here. Feel free to comment my stuff, feel free to use it (credit is appreciated), you can even do both. Just don’t push me towards implementation or other heavy work, cause I’m lazy.

I blog in English due to its overal acceptance, but I’m not a native speaker. In fact, it is sometimes easier to express myself without the risk of my gaming pals reading my thoughts and thinking I’m talking about them. I’ve written OVER 9000 posts on the biggest RPG board. No, really, I am not making it up.


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