August 18, 2006

Finishing the line of 1CC and 2CC posts, I shall say a couple of words about 3CC, or Third Class Content. From previous speculations one might have thought that all content is either first class or second class, and this is true to some extent. However, some 2CC is kind of „broken” and therefore cannot be considered valid 2CC—that’s what we’d call 3CC.

For example, the almost-2CC that has been created by someone who is not authorised to be an author is 3CC. Thus, movie sequels are usually 3CC. Alternatively, 3CC can be an unfinished chunk of would-be-2CC, the classic „what would Superman/Spiderman/Bruce Lee/Colonel Jack O’Neill do if he were here?” is 3CC: it is never finished, but the set of possible answers is obvious for anyone familiar with 1CC/2CC.

Avoid creating big deals of 3CC, lest it be perceived as silly noice. Small 3CC flashbacks, intimations and jokes can be used as spicery.