Hi. I’m 27, my name is Radaghast Kary, and I’m a wiki freak. [Hi, Radaghast!]

I discovered Wikipedia in 2004, found it exciting enough to write dozens of articles on the first day. My enthusiasm started to fade after couple of years and something like 2500 edits in three language sections – all the topics I’m interested in seemed to be hunted down and getting deleted by bloodthirsty incompetent admins. So I stopped logging in into the English part that was the worst, and significantly decreased my activity in others. Instead, I discovered nice websites with smaller communities like Wikia, Wikidot, PBWiki, etc. And even then I dislike being called an administrator.

At the moment this page was published, I was a gardener for Russian RPG Wikia, a gardener for English D&D Wikia, a Wikidot guru with wikis like Hunter × Hunter. PBWiki folks also seem to remember my work on Konoha and I occasionally get emails from them but don’t contribute anymore for a bunch of wiki-unrelated reasons. Besides that, I’m a graphic artist at Wikia Anime, Comics & Games project.

My local data storage (GM’s notes) is a TiddlyWiki. Yes, I’m that pathetic. And I like it.


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